Reading and Writing Skills are developed in primary school. Children learn these skills at a different rate.

I tutor the essential reading and writing skills a student must develop in the primary school.

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The Truth About Reading

Reading is a skill. It is getting meaning from print. It is necessary to get this so you can understand why many people struggle with developing this skill. Reading is the third of the four language skills.

How to Teach a Child to Read

Researchers have learned a lot about the reading process and if you find your child is struggling with learning to read you must ask for expert help to find out the best method for teaching him or her.

Learning Styles

Every child is born with an eagerness and ability to learn. Research findings consistently find that parents are the most influential teachers in their child's life. When you become intimately involved with your child's learning process, there is usually a dramatic improvement in their motivation.

Dyslexia Uncovered

It is my opinion that we have to view dyslexia more positively. Dyslexia is a complex learning disorder, and each child diagnosed with it has different strengths and weaknesses. Most children with a learning disability can learn to read.