Attention Small Business Owner

Are you too busy to establish your business online? Every business needs to have an online presence to attract and keep in contact with their clients and customers.


A LinkedIn presence is great for your business. 1. Set up a company page 2. Outline your goods and services 3. Join LinkedIn groups 4. Publish SEO optimized articles 5. Promote your page to expand your network.

What is SEO?

Positioning yourself in the marketplace involves providing the information your clients and future clients are searching for. You have to make sure the information you provide on your company website is search engine friendly.

Does your website have a BLOG?

Are you using the internet as your primary marketing tool? Regular keyword optimised articles (blog posts) promote your products and services by providing information that benefits your customers as well as attracting new ones.

Email - A proven way to keep in contact with your clients

Email is one of the most popular forms of business communication today. It’s an effective and easy to way to connect personally with both individuals and large groups. But email is often overused.