The Keys to Writing Your Speech

Concentrate on the purpose for your speech and the audience. Respect your audience’s time. Remember the longer you stay on stage the more likely you will make a mistake. A well prepared and rehearsed speech will help you conquer your nerves.

Public Speaking Skills Seminar

In 2019 I will be holding a FREE Seminar on Speech Writing. Please contact me for further information and dates. The contact page is on this website, You will find it on the top menu.

Types of Speeches

Do you have a need to present any of the following speech forms? I can support you to prepare them. Wedding Speech, Eulogy, Birthday Milestone, Retirement, Business Speech, Autobiography/ Biography, Political Speech

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

GLOSSOPHOBIA is the name for fear of public speaking. It appears whenever you are speaking or performing an oral presentation in front of a group of people. It is often incorrectly stated as one of the greatest fears most people have. It is estimated 25 percent of people find public speaking challenging and many find it can inhibit their career advancement. There are techniques you can master that will build confident speaking.