What Makes a Good Web Writer?

What Makes a Good Web Writer?


When looking to engage the services of a writer check whether they have the following attributes.

The ability to research.

To find crucial information, inputs, statistics, and other related information related to a specific topic. The ability to look for unique angles about the subject.  For example, introducing travellers to Melbourne to the unique arcades in the CBD.

A Command of English grammar and vocabulary.

The ability to express oneself clearly due to an extensive vocabulary. Can choosing specific words and write meaningful phrases and clauses. A writer must be an accurate speller and understands and use formal grammar.

A critical thinker.

 He or she looks beneath the surface for new approaches to presenting ideas. They expect their thinking to be challenged. They are always looking for the best angle.

They are always asking the fundamental questions that include:

  • Why?
  • Who says?
  • How will this work?
  • How often?
  • How am I sure this information is reliable?
  • If not why not?

Provides Value

Writes copy that informs, educates or entertains the target audience.

It is useful solves problems. Attracts a loyal audience.

Understands the Role of Search Engines

The write uses search engine optimization without sacrificing the written quality of the text. Makes sure your SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are enhanced by their actions. Knows how to find the best keywords, apply the correct titles, tagging and meta descriptions.

Understands Your Target Audience

A writer writes influential copy if they know what the intended audience thinks, speaks and searches for. They do this by researching facts and interviewing selected people.

A writer needs to know

  • Why the content is valuable
  • Who will read it
  • Who your competition is and what they ‘re doing
  • How you can do better than your competition