My name is Marilyn Martyn

For the last 5 years, I’ve been writing speeches, articles and content for websites.

I continue to write content for clients in the travel and online marketing industries.

Public Speaking is one of the most important and feared forms of communication.

It is commonly believed that school teachers find public speaking a breeze.
For some, it obviously is, as it is in the general population. I was a teacher and many of my colleagues, like me, were afraid of speaking publically.

It is a skill that needs to be learned and practised.

I was terrified to present a paper to my college class. If I didn’t do it, I would not receive my qualification. I forced myself to do it.  I was physically ill before giving the paper and so relieved after.

I evaded public speaking after that.

Speaking in front of my classes was easy because they didn’t judge me. Or if they did, I didn’t notice.

I was in my comfort zone.

As a teacher, I learned I had a fear of public speaking when I was asked to speak in front of an assembly of over 700 students and their parents. I couldn’t do it. Not a positive career move!

It was then I made the choice to overcome this fear and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

I was going to master this fear.

I joined Toastmasters International.
I was a Club Member for a number of years and worked through several manuals.

My Toastmaster Awards

Competent Toastmaster Award

Advanced Communicator (Bronze)

Advanced Communicator (Silver)

Advanced Leader (Bronze)

Effective Communicator Speechcraft Course

The training I received gave me the confidence to:

• Speak on behalf of the Victorian Neighbourhood Watch Volunteers at the Victorian Police Academy in front of 3000+ people.
• Become an interviewer on ‘Life Time’ a program on Channel 31 Community Television for a few seasons.
• Read on the air for Vision Australia for years.
• I am now a volunteer on Golden Days Radio: GDR 95.7

  •  I am a member of Rostrum.  I experience the fellowship of many competent speakers and continual challenges to boost my speaking confidence.

Without learning to handle my fear of public speaking I would have missed out on all the above.

I am telling you about my accomplishments to show you I know how to mentor and support you to communicate clearly with others.

I am still learning.

I am not complacent about my ability.

There is always more to accomplish.


  • I  have written hundreds of articles, blog posts and short announcements in the writing style that suits the web.
  • I have written eBooks for my own business and have published my own soft cover book. This is currently available on Amazon.
  • I have written video scripts and produced videos for my website and reading course.

Let me show you how I can help you research, write and deliver a speech you will be proud of.

Contact me today for a no obligation discussion about your speech and how I can help.


Sheryl: Premium Nut Emporium

I am relieved that,  we are working together to create and grow a  Social Media Network to expand the “Premium NUT Emporium”  business. Your business experience over many years is clear. By understanding my focus,  you have agreed to come on board. I am very happy to be working professionally with you.

Fred Gillen: More Marketing Ideas 

We have engaged Marilyn on multiple occasions to produce content and advertising material for our own websites as well as a number of our clients. I would have to say that the quality of her work exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to outsource their content delivery.