Marilyn Martyn

Marilyn trained as a teacher and librarian specializing in children’s literature and later as a literacy specialist.

She has had over three decades experience teaching in secondary and primary schools.

She is Reading Recovery trained and experienced.

She has also completed the Spalding Writing Road to Reading program.

She is  experienced in teaching students with English as their second language. See below.

TEFL Certificate

Her career is centred around her love of books and reading and teaching.

As a teacher-librarian she has been responsible for establishing 3 school libraries and an audio-visual department.

Marilyn's classroom teaching experience has been as a primary teacher teaching all grade levels and teaching English up to year nine in secondary schools.

She has taught as a special needs teacher in secondary schools and reading specialist in primary schools.

After leaving teaching in schools Marilyn developed a tutoring business specializing in English and maths  tutoring for primary and junior secondary students. Her experience in developing learning programs for individual students has taught her how to provide online learning programs.

After sitting with many frustrated students who did not know how to decode (sound out) words, Marilyn devised a series of lessons that gave them the ability to sound out words quickly.

Her book “Phonics for Kids” contains these lessons.

She found many opportunities to teach children who had difficulty learning to read.

As a tutor she also mentored adults to improve their reading skills. Marilyn spent some time as an education consultant for two publishers, visiting many schools. She also conducted seminars for teachers  around the books and programs published by each company.

She is now moving to online tutoring.

Marilyn is eager to share her knowledge and experience  with many more students.

She is able to do this online.

Students will be able to access the lessons ONLINE  in the privacy of their  home.

They will have access to Marilyn via webinars and email.

Company: Elimar Products and Services

Physical Address: Taylors Lakes

Phone No.: 61 0400955437

Mobile: 61 0400955437

Email Address: marilyn@marilynmartyn.com

LinkedIn Profile URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marilyn-martyn-27a966189/


As a colleague of Marilyn's for several years, she was my first choice of tutor for my son Anthony when it became apparent that he needed some support with his reading and spelling.

Marilyn brought warmth and a sense of humor to the sessions and built a relationship of trust with Anthony. She was always patient, cheerful and positive when dealing with him and employed techniques that were at his level to build his confidence.

Marilyn knew how to engage Anthony even when he was reluctant or a bit tired. His reading and spelling improved with the techniques she employed and he successfully gained his V.C.E. last year and is now undertaking tertiary studies. Marilyn showed a commitment to Anthony as a person and helped him believe in himself.


And here is a message from Anthony ...

Marilyn knows how to get the best out of a person. I owe her a lot.


My introduction to Marilyn Martyn of Elimar Products And Services was through a tutorial assistance program called "An Even Start" due to my child having difficulties at school. I was sent a list of tutors in my area to phone.

After speaking with Marilyn in detail, I had no doubt that I had found the right person for my child. In tutoring sessions, I have listened to her simplify explanations to my child in a manner that he can understand, and she has tapped in to help him release inner knowledge that he didn't know he had through lack of confidence.

I am delighted as a parent to see my child's progress and grateful to Marilyn for her ability and teaching skills.


Highett, Victoria.