About Blogging

About Blogging

When it comes to marketing your business having a BLOG has been proven to work.

Running a BLOG can lead to:

  • More traffic
  • More Leads
  • More sales

You can use your business BLOG to attract prospective clients. You can publish all sorts of information concerning your business.

This means the followers you attract will get to know your business well.  When they need your services or products, they will contact you because they are confident you can provide what they want.

Your BLOG can be used to persuade people how you can benefit their business. When a regular follower of your BLOG contacts you to hire you, they have already made a buying decision. You convinced them through the information on your BLOG.

You must be discerning about what you publish on your BLOG.  Your posts must be high quality and relevant to your target audience.

You need to publish posts often.  It depends on the type of business you have when you decide how often you do. It could be once or twice a week, twice a month or daily.

You can use your BLOG to build up your email list. You can contact people on your list regularly.

What will also benefit your business is to share your content via social media, other influencers in your industry who may share your information.

If you publish posts and don’t distribute them as widely as possible, you won’t attract the traffic you hope for.

Blogging takes commitment and time, but it is worth it when done systematically. It can save you from cold calling, sending out direct mail packages or attending too many networking events.


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