The Keys to Writing Your Speech

Remember it is the audience’s time not your time. Concentrate on the purpose for your speech and the audience.

  1. Have 2 objectives in mind. They are making a good impression and leaving your audience with 2 or 3 worthwhile takeaway points.
  2. Be memorable. Clearly state your theme in 15-20 words and build the speech around it.
  3. Structure it. Be sure it develops logically and has no unrelated things mentioned. Set your expectation near the opening and mention what you’ll be covering. Don’t over complicate your information.
  4. Make sure your opening is attention getting. Shar a statistic, shocking fact or open with a question. Above all keep the preliminaries short.
  5. Have the right tone. Make sure your speech fits in with the spirit of the event. Ensure the audience will respond positively.
  6. Show something of yourself. Tell a short personal story or anecdote.
  7. Repeat important points. People don’t concentrate all the time. Repetition leaves an impression. Stress keywords, phrases and themes. Repeat your message several times throughout the speech.
  8. Use transitive phrases. For example: What does that mean? Then follow with a pause. This alerts your audience to the fact that something important is about to be shared.
  9. Illustrate point(s) with props if possible.
  10. Have a strong ending. Your close is what your audience will remember. You can share a success story, make a call to action or recap your most important point.
  11. Keep your speech as short as possible. Respect your audience’s time. Remember the longer you stay on stage the more likely you will make a mistake.

A well prepared and rehearsed speech will help you conquer your nerves.

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